Just keep going, NO MATTER WHAT ...

... the dream has become a quest!!!

Quite a lot happened before I bought my current boat "Indigo Moon" a Lagoon 421. Before, I owned three boats ... all called "Plan B" because my "Plan B" was to go sailing instead of sitting at a desk in an office all day! So far so good!


My first "Plan B" was a 2014 Hanse 415 ... and on my first attempt at sailing an Atlantic circle I sailed pretty much exactly 50 Nautical miles from Hamburg Germany down the River Elbe to Cuxhaven, where I landed in the hospital with a broken wrist. "Plan C" (also called "Plan B") was my absolute dream boat: an Outremer 45 (yes just like "Sailing La Vagabonde") I had to sell after only a couple of days in 2019 in the south of France (this story I can only talk about after a fair amount of red wine ... it still hurts a little) ... then in march 2019 I bought a Hanse 388 (we are up to "Plan D" now ... also called "Plan B") ... after extensive testing and outfitting of the boat on the Baltic Sea I finally headed south in early June of 2019. I made it all the way to the Canary Islands (Whoopee!!!) and then on the 04th of December 2019 I set sails for the Caribbean!!! Finally !


After a week of rough sailing, a number of events (small collision, water in the boat, Wind vane defect and pretty rough seas) culminated on Friday the 13th (no kidding) of December, when the Autopilot quit working. After some attempts to get a hold of the situation and many calls to the shipyard, MRC Bremen and MRC Delgada, I saw no way to safely reach the Caribbean which was another 1500 Miles away, So the decision was made to abandon ship and ask for a ride to Antigua on a 55 Meter Sailing Vessel (Elena of London) which luckily was in the vicinity. While my last "Plan B" now rests peacefully at about 4000 m depth on the bottom of the Atlantic, I decided to continue my travels safely on land ... so I bought a Mercedes Camper Van "The Beast" and headed south from Germany once again ... I made it to Portugal where, after only 4 weeks of "Vanlife" I decided that I still had a dream to fulfill ... reach New York on my own boat! So within a couple of days the perfect boat was found for the job: "Indigo Moon"!


Starting the end of March 2020 I will be setting sail again ... statistically everything should go fine this time :o) (enough of the bad luck!) and I will be sailing with crew now, which should be fun!


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