14. April 2020
Just like in the rest of the world, not much is happening here in Portugal ... but I really have to say that people here in Portugal have been handling the Corona Crisis very well ... following the social distancing rules perfectly and the numbers are very promising! Days pass surprisingly fast here, visiting Neighbors (of course while keeping ample distance) ... boat-projects, occasional food shopping and watching iTunes series online ... on 18.04. some restrictions might be lifted, we'll see!

28. März 2020
It has been almost two weeks since I moved onto "Indigo Moon" ... just a few days later public life in Lagos slowed down considerably ... luckily I was able to buy some basics at IKEA and the hardware-store before everything shut down. Now I try to pass time as best as possible until the situation here relaxes a little! Sailing to the canaries will be postponed at least until the end of may ... well see how everything develops until then!

07. März 2020
Boat work / Preparation